2010 McMaster Students Union Charity Ball

I really am starting to believe that I can now pass for an Egyptian, even though I am not, with two events now under my belt, costumed as an Egyptian knight.  This event was for McMaster’s Annual Charity Ball for Sick Kids hospital organized by a good friend of mine.  She asked me last year when they were planning the event if I would consider coming down and being a knight after seeing my photos from the Art Gallery of Ontario’s King Tut Gala which I was a part of.  When I arrived there, myself and the other guy were shown the costumes and told to take our pick.  The costumes were basically Halloween costumes, and there was a small and a medium or large I think.  Pete, the other knight, is quite a bit bigger then me and therefore by default I got the small.  I started to open the costume, and started laughing as I thought that the costume kit was missing some pieces, however, no, that was not it, the costume was quite skimpy and left nothing to the imagination.  We got dressed, headwear, skirt and neck piece, and were then escorted to makeup and then from there were escorted up to the picture area, where there were props and such for picture taking.  Things started off quite slow, as it was about 9:30pm and people were just arriving to the event.  In no time, like an hour or so, we had line ups for pictures, and were taking 100’s of pictures into the night.  Many people wanting different egyptian poses, some standing, lying down, etc.  Some people wanted pictures with all of the models (4 of us in total, 2 guys and 2 girls) and some wanted pictures with just me.  We walked around for a bit to add to the ambience of the event, and finally around midnight, one of the organizers came and told everyone that we would only be taking a few more pictures and then would be done for the night.  I have to say, once we were told we were done, it was a relief as we were all tired and very hungry.  It was a great night, for a great cause and something that I wont forget soon!


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