2010 McMaster Students Union Charity Ball

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I really am starting to believe that I can now pass for an Egyptian, even though I am not, with two events now under my belt, costumed as an Egyptian knight.  This event was for McMaster’s Annual Charity Ball for Sick Kids hospital organized by a good friend of mine.  She asked me last year when they were planning the event if I would consider coming down and being a knight after seeing my photos from the Art Gallery of Ontario’s King Tut Gala which I was a part of.  When I arrived there, myself and the other guy were shown the costumes and told to take our pick.  The costumes were basically Halloween costumes, and there was a small and a medium or large I think.  Pete, the other knight, is quite a bit bigger then me and therefore by default I got the small.  I started to open the costume, and started laughing as I thought that the costume kit was missing some pieces, however, no, that was not it, the costume was quite skimpy and left nothing to the imagination.  We got dressed, headwear, skirt and neck piece, and were then escorted to makeup and then from there were escorted up to the picture area, where there were props and such for picture taking.  Things started off quite slow, as it was about 9:30pm and people were just arriving to the event.  In no time, like an hour or so, we had line ups for pictures, and were taking 100’s of pictures into the night.  Many people wanting different egyptian poses, some standing, lying down, etc.  Some people wanted pictures with all of the models (4 of us in total, 2 guys and 2 girls) and some wanted pictures with just me.  We walked around for a bit to add to the ambience of the event, and finally around midnight, one of the organizers came and told everyone that we would only be taking a few more pictures and then would be done for the night.  I have to say, once we were told we were done, it was a relief as we were all tired and very hungry.  It was a great night, for a great cause and something that I wont forget soon!


Dark Rising 2 Movie – On set

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This past Saturday I was back on set of Dark Rising 2: Summer Strikes Back.  I was playing a SWAT team member.  This was the cast and crew’s final day filming the movie, and they had a guest appearence from a well known actor, Mr. Michael Ironside.  Some movies of his include Terminator:Salvation, Top Gun, Screamers, just to name a few.  It was interesting seeing him in action, acting and also helping with the scenes.  The day was quite long, as I was originally asked to stay for one scene, where we were filming in a classroom, which was the briefing room.  I was asked to stay for the final scene, shot at the studio location, which I must say was really cool to see.  We began at 9am and wrapped shortly after 7pm that night, so a very long day.  I enjoyed it very much, and was asked to come back to play more roles (hopefully some with speaking parts!!!) for the TV series that they are filming in December.  I look forward to working with the cast and crew again, and look forward to renting the DVD when it is released next year!

Below are some pictures from the shoot that day.  The first few are of me and a few of the cast.  From left to right – Cory Lee (who is also a singer – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeCpyEOCjUo), Brigitte Kingsley, who is the Producer of the film, and also the main lead, Summer, of the film (www.brigittekingsley.com), and Kyle Buchanan, who you may recognize from Roger’s Wireless MY 5 commercials (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pR-DLRS_dN0&feature=related)

Below is a picture of me on set infront of some of the green screens in the main control room.

And finally, a picture of the great Michael Ironside being interviewed after the final scene was shot for the movie.

Shawn Moreton Photoshoot

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Art Gallery of Ontario – King Tut Gala

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This past Friday, I was booked by my Toronto agent to be a part of the Art Gallery of Ontario’s King Tut opening gala.  I had no idea what to expect and was needless to say, a bit anxious, and worried.  I arrived in Toronto for wardrobe around 5pm and by 6pm we were placed in the front of the gallery to greet guests.  We were placed in the front for about 2 hours, and had many photographers snapping pictures, as well as CTV and CBC doing news tapings.  Guests also asked to take pictures with us, and were very impressed with the costumes and the entrance.  We then had dinner, and proceeded to move to the top floor of the gallery where the party was being held.  Let me tell you, it was the most extravagant party I have ever been to.  First of all, to get into this event, tickets were
$ 1,000, and secondly, the best part is that we were in our costumes, half-naked, walking around the party, promoting the theme, and schmoozing with the Toronto elite crowd.  Definately a night that I will not forget. 

Oliver Sherman Movie

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On Friday I was a part of the background performers for the feature film “Oliver Sherman”.  This movie, being filmed also in the North Bay area, is about a War veteran named Oliver Sherman who sets out to find the soldier who saved him back in the war. The man has long since moved on to a safe family life in a rural town. Upon arriving, Sherman gradually reveals himself to be an angry, unstable individual prone to great jealousy and deep resentment.  The scene that I was involved in was filmed in a local chuch in Powassan where we were a part of the congregation, and were praying and taking communion.  This film was quite a larger production, with many well known actors such as Garret Dillahunt (“The Last House on the Left”, “The Assassination of Jesse James”, “No Country for old men”), Molly Parker (“Wickerman”, “Titanic”) and Donal Logue (“Max Paine”, “Eye for an Eye”).

Dark Rising Movie

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So, this past Wednesday I was involved in a movie called Dark Rising 2, filming in the North Bay area, and I have to say, it was one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had.  The cast and crew were awesome, very down to earth and I enjoyed working with them.  I played a S.W.A.T. guy, one of four, and had a detector of sorts that I was using to scan the area after a plasma blast.  I am still absolutely amazed at how much goes into one or two scenes, in terms of the amount of work and time.  It is really nice to see so many movies being filmed in the North.

First Blog!

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So this is my first blog, ever, and I have been inspired to make my presence on the web by a very good friend, owner of KHI Photography and Design (www.katehoodinc.com) who is actually my personal photographer for all of the photos I currently have on Flickr. 

I have recently endevoured into the wonderful world of modeling and acting and thought it would be great to have something online that casting directors, agents, talent booking managers, etc could have easy access to and could see pictures and get a sense of who I am.  Sort of like an online portfolio.  I will also be posting pictures and blogs of my experiences with the acting and modeling that I am doing.  I have a few that I have done already, so actually I am really behind, so I better get cracking……..so stay tuned 🙂